Backyard Games is an exciting reality competition series pitting real guys against one another in tests of backyard skill. Each episode of Backyard Games will be comprised of three exciting rounds.

  • Round 1: The Speed Round
    Round 1 kicks off with a fast challenge, one designed to draw you in with action and maybe even some destruction.

  • Round 2: The Finesse Round
    Now that we've grabbed the audience, Round 2 is a more contemplative challenge, one that will involve craft and finesse. At the end of Round 2 you'll find yourself respecting the power tool chops of the contestants.

  • Round 3: The Backyard Gauntlet
    Round 3 is the main attraction, an obstacle course race that will involve three challenges that build to a big finish. Each leg of the race feeds into the next challenge. The pace is frantic, the activities are challenging and contestants must always be keeping an eye out for where their opponent is in the race. The winner is decided on who wins the overall race, so Round 3 is worth the most points and will crown our ultimate champion.


Paul Ghiringhelli
Brian Unger
Paul Ghiringhelli has been a television host and actor for the last 30 years. He's appeared in local, regional and national programs including 13 seasons as the host for HGTV's hit series Landscape Smart. He's also worked as a radio DJ and staff production director. In the TV world his co-starring appearances include NBC's Trauma and CBS'S Nash Bridges.

Brian Unger
Brian Unger
Unger worked as part of the original team that launched the award-winning The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He then went on to host NBC's Later, and E! Entertainment's Talk Soup. Additionally Unger's hosting experience includes helming the entertainment newsmagazine Extra for a period of time. Before joining The Jay Leno Show on NBC as a correspondent, the acting journalist hosted the series Some Assembly Required. He has also guest hosted MSNBC's Countdown With Keith Olbermann. He most recently hosted the highly rated, two-hour special for History Channel, How the States Got Their Shapes.

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